Edge Notifications Premium v1.15 [Unlocked]

Edge Notifications Premium v1.15 [Unlocked]
Requirements: 4.4+
Overview: Edge Notifications will enable you see all the critical notifications at a glance. You wont miss any important call, message, whatsapp, gmail or facebook notification.

Samsung galaxy s6 or s7 edge lightning is a great way to notify about various events, but you need an edge phone and it works when phone is facing down. Why not have that elegant wave notifications for your phone (edge / non edge).
NOTE: Default app setting will stop the wave animation after 50 repetition, but you will continue to see the static wave with color notifications. This is done for battery saving as any sort of animation causes more battery usage. You can choose to have animation run infinitely as well. Adjust the interval & repeat settings as per your desire.
Application Features:
1. Choose any app for notification & color of your choice per app.
2. Flip mode - A feature specially for EDGE phones. Waves will show up only when the screen is facing downwards.
3. Position wave to left, right or both edges.
4. Speed of wave - fast/slow.
5. Wave color pattern - solid/gradient.
6. Animation can go on infinite or till specific repeat count for battery saving.
7. Adjust screen brightness as per your requirement.
8. Choose the notification interval. AlwaysOn option is also available, but can cause battery to drain more.
9. Night mode will switch off the notifications at night and thus will save power.
 What's New
1. Added Art design pattern.
2. Minor Enhancements
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More Info:

Download Instructions: Premium Features Unlocked
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