Spot me v1.0

Spot me v1.0 
Requirements: 2.2 and up
Overview: Spot me is a very nice and yet a powerful location sharing app, to share your current location among your friends. Spot me v1.0 

Our group of friends go to a location. Another friend calls and wants to join us. Instead of trying to explain directions to the location which would be really confusing, I just take my phone, open the Send-Receive-Location app and send our current location. The app would send the exact location along with its GPS coordinates to my friend as an SMS message. Then, he receives the message, opens the same app and hits on Receive tab and then selects the received message that contains the GPS coordinates. Then, a map showing our exact location opens inside the app, he can view the directions from his current location to our location as well. This is a very simple and yet a very powerful location sharing App which is very useful when you are not sure of the location that you are currently in.
Interesting Features:
- Share your current location
- When your friend(s) receive your current location, they can view the same directly on the map
- They can directly view the directions to your location from their current location(s)
- Our App has an inbuilt search option for searching locations
- The location information can be sent via sms or email
- Pulls the contacts from the contact book
1. The Directions line is not visible if the two locations are very very far
2. You have to activate your mobile's GPS system before using our app
3. The only difference between this and the lite version is, this does not have ads.
4. If you have any issues or suggestions, please mail us at, we will try to solve them as soon as possible. Please do not under-rate us. Thanks!
This app has NO advertisements
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