Clustertruck v11

Clustertruck v11
Requirements: 4.1+, Gamepad
Overview: Clustertruck is a new kind of platformer on-top of a speeding highway! 
Use agility and acrobatics through insane levels in a game of "the floor is lava" on top of unpredictable, speeding trucks!
The game only gets harder when dangers such as swinging hammers, lasers and flamethrowers are added! 
A campaign mode which gradually gets more and more evil
Unlock new abilities like the Grappling Hook, Truck Cannon and Time-Control! 
An in-game level editor 
Steam workshop support for sharing player-made levels 
A replay system 
Online leader boards
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Clustertruck v11 Clustertruck v11 Reviewed by Tony A. on 5:06 PM Rating: 5
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