Dead Strike 4 Zombie v1.01 (Mod)

Dead Strike 4 Zombie v1.01 (Mod)
Requirements: Android 2.3.2+
Overview: Dead Strike 4 Zombie is an amazing 3D zombie shooting ARPG onlinegame that combines super heroes, zombie culture and special force together.
In the last days of the world, zombies are wandering everywhere. You, a member of the special force, have to fight against zombies and save as many citizens as possible.
Awesome 3D images, various scenes, different gameplay, extremely vivid firearms system, intense PVP competition, gorgeous pictures, wonderful plot, cool gunfight...all of those mentioned above make a super addictive game!
Can you find the truth in the chaos world? Now it's time to move!
★Game Features★
- Vivid firearms simulation: restore the shape, recoil force, firing rate, damage, trajectory and other factors of different weapons.
- Develop heroes: form elite teams and cultivate powerful heroes to fight against zombies together.
Abundant plots& missions: immerse yourself in the intricate story and find the truth of the matter gradually.
- Barrage shooting effects: show you wonderful operation in the perfect trajectories of bullets.
- Instant PVP System: start gorgeous gunfight with your opponents in the arena to see who is the ultimate winner.
- Rich social experience: powerful chat system, friends system, team system... you'll never be lonely any more.
- Perfect combination of Sci-fi elements and zombie culture, zombies swarm, who can be the master of the world?
1. 1hit kill
2. Unlimited ammo
3. No reload
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