Accupedo-Pro Pedometer v7.0.4.G [Paid]

Accupedo-Pro Pedometer v7.0.4.G [Paid] 

Necessities: 4.1+ 
Review: ★★★ Google Play chooses Accupedo pedometer as 2014 Best 30 Apps at Google Play Store in Japan and Korea. [Dec. 2014] 


"Accupedo Pedometer Widget made great strolling mates in our last tests." [Washington Post, 10/1/12] 

"Among cellphone applications the Accupedo pedometer gadget for Android telephones had the best spot." [LA Times, 12/28/11] 

Accupedo is a precise pedometer application that screens your day by day strolling on the home screen. With simple to peruse graphs and history logs, screen your means, calories consumed, separation, and time. As your best strolling amigo, Accupedo will inspire you to walk more! Set up your day by day objective and advance towards a more advantageous you with Accupedo pedometer. 

++++ ATTENTION ++++ Test with a free Accupedo to check whether your telephone functions admirably with Accupedo-Pro before obtaining it. A few telephones don't bolster the G-sensor in SLEEP (STANDBY, when screen is OFF) mode by those telephone makers. This isn't a deformity of this application. 

A canny 3D movement acknowledgment calculation is inserted to track just strolling designs by separating and catapulting out non strolling exercises. Accupedo tallies your means paying little heed to where you put your telephone like your pocket, midsection belt, or sack. Be sound by defining up your day by day objective and precisely observing your means with Accupedo. 

++++ Features ++++ 

● The smart calculation begins following after 10 successive advances, at that point stops and restarts consequently as you walk. 

● Customizable gadget show modes: steps, separate, minutes, calories, and Lap. 

● Daily log history: step tallies, separation, calories, and strolling time. 

● Charts: Daily, week by week, month to month, and yearly advance tallies. 

● Power utilization mode choices for effective power sparing. 

● Customized individual settings: affectability, metric/english, advance separation, body weight, day by day objective, and so forth. 

● Concise gadget show on Home screen: 2x1, 3x1, and 4x1 

● Edit every day step tallies. 

● Lap: "odometer" work for short walk. 

● Resume/Pause/Reset. 

● Database reinforcement: SD-Card and Google Drive. 

● Widget skin hues: dark, blue, green, orange, pink, straightforward. 

● Share day by day sign on the Facebook. 

● Email a day by day log document. 

● Language alternative: default and English 

++++ Notes ++++ 

● It performs best when the telephone is on your abdomen belt. 

● Step check may not be precise on the off chance that you put your telephone in free fit jeans because of the arbitrary development your telephone makes in the pocket. 

● The affectability of a telephone can be not the same as others. Along these lines, pick an affectability level that works best for your telephone. 

● Help and FAQ are worked in the App. 


Include Google Fit API for step checks 

Include onboarding screen 

Include movement for every day objective accomplishment 

Bug fixes and execution changes 

This application has no commercials 

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Accupedo-Pro Pedometer v7.0.4.G [Paid] Accupedo-Pro Pedometer v7.0.4.G [Paid] Reviewed by Maria on 4:39 PM Rating: 5
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