Vpn Hosts (no root) v1.5.3 [Paid]

Vpn Hosts (no root) v1.5.3 [Paid] 

Prerequisites: 4.4+ 

Diagram: Vpn Hosts application helping designers redid has(/framework/and so forth/has) File on no root android gadgets. 


1,Use Hosts File on android gadgets without root.So that would custom be able to space name 

determination records. 

2,support special case DNS records.For case: a.com | b.a.com | => .a.com c.b.a.com | 

3,maybe more power sparing when the records too much,because can utilize special case DNS records. for example, google area, just need one record ".google.com " that can speaks to all the subdomains. 


settle the bug for quite a while DNS can not resolve 

This application has no ads 

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